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Sun Valley Nutraceutical’s Wholesale Program is suitable for:


  • Retail Stores, Pharmacies, Gift Stores and Health Food Stores
  • Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Therapists and Health Practitioners
  • Estheticians, Health and Beauty Spas, Hair Dressers and Beauty Consultants
  • Online Retailers and e-retailers that sell health and beauty products.
  • International Retailers and Distributors

Suitable for retailers looking for a CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC manufacturer that sells a wide selection of organic products at wholesale for retailers to sell including; organic skin care, organic beauty products, cosmetics, essential oils, and organic body care.


Please Note: If shipping to an international destination (outside of the USA) shipping is charged subject to weight and destination.

Sun Valley Nutraceutical’s Wholesale Program is for bonafide businesses selling directly to customers only. It is not intended for personal use.

Sun Valley Nutraceutical’s reserves the right to audit any account for compliance at the company’s discretion.



  • Wholesale customer agrees to not sell via means that conflict with the sales and marketing efforts of Nature’s Brands.

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